BLI Fugitive Apprehension Team

When someone you trusted to appear in court goes missing, you could be left responsible for the entire bond amount. The defendant may have already crossed state lines or even gone further. This is where our experienced fugitive recovery agents come in to help track down the defendant and protect your investment.

Our Expertise

The BLI Fugitive Apprehension Team, also known as bounty hunters, excels at locating and retrieving fugitives who attempt to evade court appearances. Our team members often have backgrounds in law enforcement, giving them the edge they need to stay ahead of bail jumpers.

Our agents are skilled in various areas, including self-defense, research, persuasion, and strategies to capture fugitives without unnecessary force. We employ various methods to locate and apprehend defendants, such as:

Background checks and criminal record checks

Surveillance to monitor the defendant’s movements

Communicating with friends and relatives to obtain information about the defendant’s location or encourage them to surrender

Creative tactics

Unlike Law Enforcement we can Entering the fugitive’s property without a warrant for re-arrest

Who Hires Fugitive Recovery Agents?

While bail agents are the primary employers of fugitive recovery agents, individuals who have paid the full bail amount or provided collateral for a friend or family member who has fled may also hire our team. Additionally, federal, state, and municipal governments have enlisted our services over the years to track down violent fugitives and escaped inmates.

Cost of Hiring a Fugitive Recovery Agent

The cost of hiring a fugitive recovery agent can vary. Many agencies charge flat fees for specific services like skip tracing, while locate-and-apprehend jobs often involve a percentage of the bond amount plus travel expenses, and associated costs..

For reliable, professional fugitive recovery services reach out to us today. We’re here to assist you.

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