Legal & Attorney Investigations

Our team offers a variety of services to meet diverse needs.

  • Evidence Retrieval: Collecting physical or digital evidence that is admissible in court to support legal arguments or claims
  • Background Checks: Investigating the personal, professional, and financial history of individuals to assess their credibility and potential risks in legal matters
  • Civil & Criminal Research: Investigating civil and criminal cases to gather evidence for legal proceedings
  • Pre-litigation Investigations: Conducting background checks on individuals or businesses involved in potential legal disputes before litigation begins
  • Interviewing Witnesses: Interviewing individuals who have relevant information about a case to gather testimonies or statements for legal proceedings
  • Locates: Finding and locating individuals who may be involved in a legal case or who need to be served with legal documents
  • Surveillance: Observing and monitoring the activities and behaviors of individuals to gather evidence related to a legal matter, such as insurance fraud or infidelity.
  • Litigation Support: Providing assistance to legal teams during the course of legal proceedings, such as gathering evidence, conducting research, and preparing case materials
  • Research Analysis: Analyzing data, documents, and other information relevant to a legal case to identify patterns, trends, or inconsistencies that may impact the outcome

Family Law Investigations

For more than Two and a Half decades, our team of licensed investigators has collaborated with attorneys nationwide to address various legal concerns, including child custody disputes, domestic violence cases, divorce proceedings, and the identification of concealed assets.

Whether your client requires surveillance to establish residency, evidence of criminal behavior, proof of infidelity, or safeguarding measures for their children’s well-being, BLI Investigations offers a magnatude of comprehensive solutions tailored to meet their specific needs, all at a reasonable price.

Recorded Statements

Our bilingual investigators operate nationwide, capturing recorded statements from witnesses, claimants, and subjects involved in investigations.

Upon completion of a recorded statement, we furnish transcripts and offer translations between Spanish and English as needed. Our primary objective is to uncover the truth of each case while prioritizing our client’s best interests.

Accident Scene Investigations

BLI Investigations’ seasoned investigators initiate the process by gathering comprehensive statements from accident subjects. Following this, our team promptly conducts a thorough scene investigation, which includes precise measurements, descriptive photographs, a video walkthrough/drive-through, detailed diagrams, and interviews with all eyewitnesses, including first respondents, officers, and involved parties. Additionally, we facilitate connections with expert witnesses and professionals adept at reconstructing accident scenes.

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